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About Musacchio Chiropractic of Matthews in Matthews

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Musacchio Chiropractic of Matthews for family wellness

Your Family Wellness Center

“I want to glorify God by showing our Matthews community how amazing our bodies are, and how easy it is to maintain good health. I invite you to live your best life through chiropractic care, and I’m here to help.”

Matthews Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Musacchio

Dr. Joe Musacchio has been practicing since 1989 and has enjoyed seeing his patients from Mint Hill, Charlotte, Indian Trail and Stallings. Over the decades, Dr. Joe has cared for everyone from pregnant mothers and newborns, to families and seniors. “Our oldest patient is just had her centennial birthday.”

Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Chiropractic care is natural, safe, and it can help you get back to doing the things you love.

We’re here to help you feel your best, we’re talking about thorough healing and a lifetime of wellness. We absolutely LOVE helping patients like you stay well.

Rehabilitation. We’ll help you heal thoroughly, so you can get you back doing the things you love.

Wellness. Maintain your best health! With regular chiropractic care, exercise and healthy living you can enjoy life to the fullest as the healthiest, happiest you.

Gentle Care for Your Children | Set Them Up For Success

Dr. Joe studied under Dr. Webster, the pioneer of the Webster Breech Turning Technique. In all his years of practice, Dr. Joe has a 95% success rate in using this technique. Nearly every time he’s used the technique on a pregnant mother with her baby in a breech position, the baby has turned naturally.

“Pediatric chiropractic care is our strength. We see lots of infants, adolescents and teenagers here at Musacchio Chiropractic of Matthews and we love it. Our youngest patient has been fifteen minutes old! Many parents prefer to bring their kids here, not only because they know chiropractic care works but also because the kids love it. Read more about Pediatric Chiropractic»

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