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Matthews Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Matthews pediatric chiropractor

Children often respond quickly to chiropractic care and seem to prefer our natural approach.

Dr. Joe has extensive pediatric experience from newborns and infants, through adolescence and young adults. It’s never too early to get adjusted. “I’m here to help your child build a strong foundation for a healthy life.”

Care During Your Pregnancy

We regularly help pregnant women relieve pelvic stress and make their pregnancy more comfortable. Dr. Joe studied under Dr. Webster, the pioneer of the Webster Breech Turning Technique. Dr. Joe has a great success rate helping pregnant mothers gently turn their baby’s into the natural birthing position for an easier, natural birth.

Starting With Newborns For a Strong, Healthy Life

Your child is subjected to force during their delivery especially when delivered by C-section. This can unfortunately cause trauma to their back and necks. So, it’s best to get babies checked early in their life to make sure there aren’t any problems. If there are, they can be easily corrected so your child can start their life off right.

Safe, Painless and the Kids Love It

We use a hand-held, low-force technique to deliver the adjustment. When treating babies we set it to a very low force and babies don’t even flinch. Our youngest patient so far has been fifteen minutes old and our care is so gentle that babies don’t even notice what’s going on… they’re too busy smiling!

Dr. Joe usually demonstrates the Activator on your child’s finger before using it for an adjustment. He presses it, they hear a little “click” and that’s it, it’s done. Kids are completely comfortable and they love the adjustment.

A Special Place in my Heart for Those that Really Need It

• Neurological and Musculo-skeletal problems
• Sensory disorders
• Autism
• And more

Chiropractic care can address these problems and more. Early intervention can make a huge difference. So, before subjecting your child to the stress and trauma of multiple doctors, tests and medication consider chiropractic care… safe, gentle and natural.

My Favorite Miracle

We had a six-month-old baby brought in with issues at birth. He suffered from seizures, he couldn’t roll over and he would cry if he was laid on his stomach or any pressure was applied on his legs. His parents had tried numerous doctors who thought maybe he had cerebral palsy but they were unable to cure him. After an examination Dr. Joe found there was cranial distortion from a C-section delivery.

After the first adjustment the baby was picking up his head. Within weeks he could take weight on his legs when he was held up. Now he’s recovered, grown up and walking normally. “It’s my favorite story to tell because it shows just how miraculous our bodies are!”

Building Immunity For A Healthy Child

Getting sick is part of the process of building immunity. So, be careful not to suppress minor illness with medication. Instead, get your child adjusted to help their body heal itself naturally, encourage a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many of our parents say,

“My kids are the only ones in class who don’t get sick, or get better faster than the others. And I believe it’s because they live healthy lives with a little boost from chiropractic care.”

For example: Take something as common as a mild fever. Fever is the body’s natural response to kill virus. As long as children are getting adjusted and showing improvement, there’s no need to be alarmed. They’ll often get better faster with adjustments than with medication.

One of the parents brought her son with a cold to Dr. Joe, instead of taking him to a pediatrician. Her experience was that medications only suppress the problem whereas chiropractic intervention cured it.

Are you a worried parent whose child is prone to ear infections, headaches, allergies or chronic problems? Come visit us; let chiropractic care improve your child’s immune system so that they can thrive. (704) 847-4044