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Chiropractic Care in Matthews

Matthew chiropractic care

Safe, gentle, effective chiropractic care

We Use Chiropractic Care To Help You Stay Well

Our clinic has the cutting-edge equipment and facilities for the gentlest chiropractic care possible. Dr. Joe has years of experience identifying your health problems and matching them up with the optimal technique for your best results.

“I’m just here to help your body do what it does best, sometimes we need a little nudge and that’s what the adjustment is.”

Activator Technique

An Activator is a handheld instrument used to deliver the adjustment. It can target a specific area on your back with a low force to realign your spine. Many patients love how it feels and works.

“Wondering what it feels like? I’ll show you how gentle it is on your hand. “Our patients often say ‘that’s it?’ after feeling it.” Read more»

Diversified Adjustments

When Dr. Joe uses the pressure of his hands to deliver the adjustment, it’s called a manual adjustment. This helps realign your spine so that your body can function and heal. Read more»

Webster Breech Turning Technique

The Webster Technique is a gentle way to realign the mother’s pelvis so that the baby can get into the natural birthing position.

Dr. Joe studied under Dr. Webster, the pioneer of this technique. Dr. Joe has an incredible success rate with this technique. Every time he’s used it on a pregnant mother with her baby in a breech position, the baby has turned naturally to avoid a C-section! Read more»

“We have an open, comfortable office environment we’d like to share with you. Stop in and let’s talk about where you’d like to see your health go.”

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